The Amsterdam Lake District

When you say Netherlands you say water. The Dutch have a long history with water. We fight it (with dikes and pumping stations), we work with it, we entertain our self with it (we sail, we ice skate, we surf) and some people even live on it (think of all the houseboats).

Our country consists for about 18% of water. In the North and West we are surrounded by sea, and most importantly, about 25% of the country lies below sea level. Hence the name “Netherlands”, meaning “Low Lands”.

Without protecting ourselves from the water our little country would be a whole lot smaller! But because we protect ourselves from it, we can introduce to you:

The Amsterdam Lake District

Within an hour drive of the city center of Amsterdam you will find the Amsterdam Lake District. An area in the province of Friesland. It’s a beautiful rural area full of ditches, canals, ponds, lakes, rivers, mounds, meadows and drained land. And there is more; small villages, dikes, windmills, pumping stations, museums, boats, locks, historic cities, drawbridges and so on. We call them the Hidden Treasures of the area. Where you will also find typical Dutch traditions, traditional costumes and the most wonderful people, all with their own stories.

When you want to see more than just Amsterdam, and learn more about the Netherlands, we would love to welcome you in the Amsterdam Lake District. We offer several tours but you are always welcome to contact us for more information or a custom made tour for you and your guests.

We hope to welcome you soon in The Amsterdam Lake District.


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